Monetize Your Talents

By Michael Cadet

Working for a large institution may prove to be beneficial beyond the average Joe’s dream of playing for the Yankees but courage will propel you to explore the different ways you can monetize your gifts and talents.

First I would ask myself, what am I passion about? It could be writing, teaching, personal training, fashion, politics, sports etc. Passion is defined as a barely controllable emotion. So trust your gut and dare to let it grab hold of you and lead you to a place unknown and unfamiliar. It is there and only there where your true self will reveal itself to you. Shredding your self of fear will be your initial challenge.

Once you can determine something you’re passionate about take the time to fully explore whatever you’re interested in. Remember this is not a sprint this is marathon. Finding your passion and connecting with something you internally feel intimate with is deeper than simply making money. Finding that connection puts you on a path of purpose and destiny. It’s a special discovery so take the time to nurture it.

I wouldn’t suggest quitting your day job because realistically we all need money to survive everyday living. Enthusiasm and practicality is a concoction that will yield you more success than heartache. Remember it takes work to achieve anything in life. You aren’t entitled to anything but an environment to share your talents and skills with the world in hopes they will buy.

Cultivating your talent will only take you far beyond your peers and competitors. You aren’t the only writer nor the first person who decided to pick up a wrench and do something with it. It’s imperative that you continue to sharpen and enhance your skills regardless of how successful you become. That’s why professional athletes still practice even though their one out of a million likelihood to become a professional athlete came true.

There will be obstacles and there will be set backs. Instead of throwing in towel and looking for a shoulder to cry on take your pitfalls as an opportunity to reflect and analyze your shortcomings. These are lessons you learn from to perfect your talent. What the end buyer will buy will be a product of refined mistakes and obstacles over come. That’s what winners do. We never give up no matter the cost. So don’t complain, don’t beat your self up, just make your next move the best move.


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