Introducing All Things Financial!

Hello world and welcome to All Things Financial!

First off, for those who do not know me, I would like to take some time to introduce myself and share some of my background, experience, and why I decided to start a blog.

I currently work for Union Bank, a full financial services institution. I primarily focus on small business lending, treasury management solutions, wealth planning and retirement services.

I’ve worked in the financial industry for about 8 years now holding various positions at the bank. I’ve work as a residential loan officer, personal banker, business banker, and currently a licensed banker which allows me to recommend investment funds and solutions for high net worth clients.

The purpose of this blog is to promote financial literacy and awareness to all who choose to explore the world of finance. Whether it be for your business, personal, or even your own financial career, I will have something for you. The information I provide will always be up to date and have an impact on your daily life and help you navigate through the choppy and ever-changing waters of finance.

I always encourage dialog, comments and inquiries into any subject matter posted. Let this be a forum for you to express your concerns, questions and thoughts. My aim is to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated through various experiences and positions held in a way we all can relate.

So as we embark on this journey of financial literacy and knowledge let it be known the goal of this blog is to help you become financially free. Until you’re financially free you will only be financially enslaved. Together we can break those chains and embrace empowerment.

My commitment to you is to post a blog every Wednesday so stay tuned! I look forward to our future dialog and thank you for those who follow. I look forward to our journey.

Best Regards,

Michael Cadet


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